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Corporate research and HR Business analytics

Individual coaching aimed at career and professional development

Proven Industry Experience

Time and cost saving while maintaining a high level of quality

Broad partner network all over the world

Quality recruitment and guaranteed result

Multilingual skills and deep understanding of multi-cultural specifics


For our clients, we search for the best talents in the industry worldwide, being able to find the right fit expert anywhere - Russia, CIS, Africa, Asia, North and South America. As well as permanent employees, we can help with finding consultants for temporary projects depending on the business requirements.
We offer comprehensive strategies and targeted tools for company growth and development through changes in personnel management processes, based on real data analytics. Rather than just creating numbers for reports, HR analytics aims to apply modern approaches in psychology and analytics to support managerial decisions to increase profit and ensure sustainable development of the company.
Corporate research and HR Business analytics
We map out a plan for international career development for the next 5 to 30 years. Showing how to improve strengths, compensate for weaknesses and reveal hidden opportunities for growth, we provide the working tools needed for speedy development within the company as well as a successful job search and passing interviews while moving to another organization.
Individual coaching aimed at career and professional development
Why work with us?
Our vast expertise working with complex vacancies in different countries together with in-house HR experience gives us a deep understanding of all the processes and problems of the industry and allows us to ensure the consistency of quality. We gladly provide a guarantee of our services and annual support while implementing HR consulting solutions.
Industry Experience
Our management has proven experience in the mining industry within company corporate offices and on existing CIS and African assets, as well as a wide range of projects for mining and mining service companies all over the world.
guaranteed result

of recruitment
while maintaining a high quality
We always perform a proactive target search. We don't waste time posting vacancies on job boards, as it brings only 5% of relevant applications according to our experience. We apply a proactive search model through our internal database, recommendations, social media and diverse external resources. For our client, we select the best of the best, and not only among those who are actively looking for a new job.
understanding of cross-cultural differences
Having work experience in Europe m Asia, Africa we deeply feel to understand the cultural differences and the way they affect business. We know how to implement a people management strategy so that it aligns with intercultural and local context. Our consultants can speak English, German, French, Russian and Arabic and are able to complete a project in any country.
Time and cost saving

Through our trusted partners we can help with any request related to personnel in any location. Among our partners are companies that provide solutions for identifying employee potential, training for functional leaders, as well as VR solution developers, C&B consultants, strategy session moderators and others.
Broad partner network
Our consultants can travel and meet clients on site if required. We work as close to the action as possible to better understand contextual constraints and the company's requirements.

all over
the world
About the company
APS Resources International proposes HR Business Partnership for mining companies including complex HR business analytics as well as solutions for Talent Search & People Management to achieve the most challenging business goals.

We work closely with mining companies all over the world and we strive to provide them the best talent in the industry and to provide that talent with the best job offers.
APS Resources International proposes HR Business Partnership for mining companies including complex HR business analytics as well as solutions for Talent Search & People Management to achieve the most challenging business goals. We work closely with mining companies all over the world and we strive to provide them the best talent in the industry and to provide that talent with the best job offers.
About the company

completed by our consultants
Project management
Mining Director (the candidate was found in South Africa to work in Guinea),

The Chief of Factory (candidate found in Côte d'Ivoire to work in Burkina Faso)

Head of Maintenance found in South Africa, employed in Burkina Faso),

Maintenance planner (the candidate found in Zimbabwe to work in Burkina Faso)

Operational Efficiency Project Manager (candidate found in France to work in Burkina Faso),

Business-analyst (candidate found in Russia to work in Guinea)

Operational Efficiency
IT Manager (candidate found in Russia and employed to Guinea),

Mine Automatization and Dispatch Superintendent (candidate found in Australia and employed to Russia)

IT & Automation
HR Manager (the candidate found in Russia was employed to Burkina Faso),

HR Director (the candidate found in Canada and employed in Guinea)
Export Manager (candidate found in Spain to work in Spain),

Head of procurement (candidate found in Cote d'Ivoire, employed to Senegal),

Financial Manager (candidate found in Russia to work in Kyrgyzstan)
Procurement, Export, Finances
The Project Director (the candidate was found in Canada and employed into a European company),

Contracts Administrator (candidate was found in Arabic Emirates and employed to Arabic Emirates)

Our consultants
have performed projects for
& Perspective
We do not only help to assess the current personnel related risks, but to anticipate the future, we offer solutions for long-term sustainability of the organization that would support the growth of the global economy

People & Business
Our aim is that every employed candidate enjoys their new work place and that every client achieves more productivity with a strong team and aligned people management processes

& Continuous
We always strive for effectiveness in our internal processes, applying modern technologies and methods in our work, as well as offering the most technologically advanced and up-to-date solutions for our clients
Global Reach &
As we work internationally, we respect the cultural traditions of our clients and candidates, staying out of political, religious and cultural disputes

Mrs. Anna Zvereva has a Master's Degree in Psychology and a Professional Diploma in Human Resources Management. She has over 9 years of industrial HR practice in Europe, Asia and Africa. Within the mining industry she has worked both at corporate level and on the ground in mining operations.

Since 2017, she has been working as an international consultant serving clients withing the mining industry from all over the world, improving human resource approaches. Mrs. Zvereva has worked on HR projects in such countries as Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sudan, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, French Guiana and the UAE.

Anna Zvereva (Pishchal), Managing Director & Founder

Our Achievements
We are constantly perusing perfection are eager to improve even these figures, however, an important factor in an employee's decision to change workplace also depends on the company's corporate culture, management and internal processes. That is why we offer HR-consulting and internal research to reveal the bottlenecks in the people management processes, decrease turnover and improve business performance.

of our candidates have been promoted within 1-3 years and continue to develop their career path within the organization
of candidates stay in the same company for up to 2 years

of candidates work in the same company for over 4 years
Our approach
Personnel search & selection
We provide a guarantee
for executive positions up to 6 months
1. Discussing current difficulties and the desired outcome (to decrease turnover, to improve the quality and quantity of the internal talent pool, to reduce recruitment time and costs, to review employee motivation systems, etc.)
2. Conducting an audit of the current situation using HR Business-Analytics methods

Corporate research and HR Business-Analytics
We provide support
to 1 year from the implementation of changes
1. The first meeting, discussing the request
2. Psychological testing to determine strengths
3. 1 to 5 sessions depending on the request
4. Summarizing the results and creating a plan for further steps

Individual coaching aimed at career and professional development
We provide support
for up to 3 months from the final session
О нас
1. Matching the candidate profile and allocating the key search criteria
2. Searching for and establishing primary contact with 50 to 150 potential candidates for 1 position
3. Negotiating position details with 30% of candidates, who are willing to consider the position
4. Interviewing 5 to 15 candidates

and get one of these services

Recruitment process audit

Adaptation process audit

Employer brand audit

CV audit (for candidates)

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