Why work with us?
Our vast expertise working with complex vacancies in different countries together with in-house HR experience gives us a deep understanding of all the processes and problems of the industry and allows us to ensure the consistency of quality. We gladly provide a guarantee of our services and annual support while implementing HR consulting solutions.
Industry Experience
Our management has proven experience in the mining industry within company corporate offices and on existing CIS and African assets, as well as a wide range of projects for mining and mining service companies all over the world.
guaranteed result

of recruitment
while maintaining a high quality
We always perform a proactive target search. We don't waste time posting vacancies on job boards, as it brings only 5% of relevant applications according to our experience. We apply a proactive search model through our internal database, recommendations, social media and diverse external resources. For our client, we select the best of the best, and not only among those who are actively looking for a new job.
understanding of cross-cultural differences
Having work experience in Europe m Asia, Africa we deeply feel to understand the cultural differences and the way they affect business. We know how to implement a people management strategy so that it aligns with intercultural and local context. Our consultants can speak English, German, French, Russian and Arabic and are able to complete a project in any country.
Time and cost saving

Through our trusted partners we can help with any request related to personnel in any location. Among our partners are companies that provide solutions for identifying employee potential, training for functional leaders, as well as VR solution developers, C&B consultants, strategy session moderators and others.
Broad partner network
Our consultants can travel and meet clients on site if required. We work as close to the action as possible to better understand contextual constraints and the company's requirements.

all over
the world