Your HR Business Partner For Mining Operations
Advanced People Solutions proposes HR Business Partnership for mining and mining services companies including complex HR business analytics as well as solutions for Talent Search & Management to attain the most challenging business goals.
HR Business Analytics
We provide assistance in making innovative data-driven personnel & business decisions to increase the ROI of planned initiatives. The motivation behind HR analytics is not about producing sterile figures and numbers but applying state-of-the-art psychological & analytical methods that impact the real world and your bottom line.
Talent Search & Development
We strengthen teams with the very best people in the industry and create a sustainable approach to retain & strengthen teams for the sake of business growth and viability. Our scientific methods help your organisation match skills and personalities not only to fit into roles but also to blend into your company culture and environment.
Executive Coaching
We support industry leaders in reaching their professional goals and dreams. We help executives to reinforce strengths, compensate weaknesses, identify opportunities and threats so as to attain optimal performance.
Our consultants have a very high level of mobility and can serve your needs exactly where you need it. We work as close to the action as possible to better understand contextual constraints and requirements.
Proven Industry Experience
We have experience working in both corporate offices and mining sites and we have first-hand experience and understanding the industry challenges from within.
Individual Approach
We do not favour the one-size-fits-all approach but instead create customized solutions for each client, whether on our own or through our worldwide partner network. Our company works according to the principle of a tailor-made approach to every client.
Knowledge of multicultural context
Having worked in Europe, Africa and Asia, we deeply feel and understand cultural differences and how they impact business. We know how to shape our strategy to fit into a multicultural and multi-dimensional local context.
Partnering Business
We make sure that everything we implement has an ultimate positive impact by focussing on the bigger picture but our solutions are primarily designed to align with our clients' objectives and strategy.
You share with us what you want to achieve.
We propose at least 3 different solutions for you to choose from.
We bring to life a solution we have agreed on.
Quality check & Support
We provide monitoring and support services for one year post-implementation to ensure quality consistency and guaranteed success.

Anna Pishchal
Managing Director & Founder
Ms Anna Pishchal has a Master's Degree in Psychology and a Professional Diploma in Human Resources Management. She has over 8 years of industrial HR practice in Europe, Asia and Africa. Within the mining industry she has worked both at corporate level and on the ground in mining operations.

Since 2017, she has been working as an international consultant serving mining multinational clients from all over the world, improving human resources approaches and pacifying industrial relations. Ms Pishchal has worked on HR projects in countries as diverse as Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sudan, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, French Guiana and UAE.

Phone/WhatsApp: +7 922 167 67 39
Address: Tverskaya 22, Moscow, Russia, 125009