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Project management
Mining Director (the candidate was found in South Africa to work in Guinea),

The Chief of Factory (candidate found in Côte d'Ivoire to work in Burkina Faso)

Head of Maintenance found in South Africa, employed in Burkina Faso),

Maintenance planner (the candidate found in Zimbabwe to work in Burkina Faso)

Operational Efficiency Project Manager (candidate found in France to work in Burkina Faso),

Business-analyst (candidate found in Russia to work in Guinea)

Operational Efficiency
IT Manager (candidate found in Russia and employed to Guinea),

Mine Automatization and Dispatch Superintendent (candidate found in Australia and employed to Russia)

IT & Automation
HR Manager (the candidate found in Russia was employed to Burkina Faso),

HR Director (the candidate found in Canada and employed in Guinea)
Export Manager (candidate found in Spain to work in Spain),

Head of procurement (candidate found in Cote d'Ivoire, employed to Senegal),

Financial Manager (candidate found in Russia to work in Kyrgyzstan)
Procurement, Export, Finances
The Project Director (the candidate was found in Canada and employed into a European company),

Contracts Administrator (candidate was found in Arabic Emirates and employed to Arabic Emirates)

Our Achievements
We are constantly perusing perfection are eager to improve even these figures, however, an important factor in an employee's decision to change workplace also depends on the company's corporate culture, management and internal processes. That is why we offer HR-consulting and internal research to reveal the bottlenecks in the people management processes, decrease turnover and improve business performance.

of our candidates have been promoted within 1-3 years and continue to develop their career path within the organization
of candidates stay in the same company for up to 2 years

of candidates work in the same company for over 4 years