For our clients, we search for the best talents in the industry worldwide, being able to find the right fit expert anywhere - Russia, CIS, Africa, Asia, North and South America. As well as permanent employees, we can help with finding consultants for temporary projects depending on the business requirements.
We offer comprehensive strategies and targeted tools for company growth and development through changes in personnel management processes, based on real data analytics. Rather than just creating numbers for reports, HR analytics aims to apply modern approaches in psychology and analytics to support managerial decisions to increase profit and ensure sustainable development of the company.
Corporate research and HR Business analytics
We map out a plan for international career development for the next 5 to 30 years. Showing how to improve strengths, compensate for weaknesses and reveal hidden opportunities for growth, we provide the working tools needed for speedy development within the company as well as a successful job search and passing interviews while moving to another organization.
Individual coaching aimed at career and professional development
Our approach
Personnel search & selection
We provide a guarantee
for executive positions up to 6 months
1. Discussing current difficulties and the desired outcome (to decrease turnover, to improve the quality and quantity of the internal talent pool, to reduce recruitment time and costs, to review employee motivation systems, etc.)
2. Conducting an audit of the current situation using HR Business-Analytics methods
3. Proposing and implementing solutions
4. Conducting a quality check and providing support

Corporate research and HR Business-Analytics
We provide support
to 1 year from the implementation of changes
1. The first meeting, discussing the request
2. Psychological testing to determine strengths
3. 1 to 5 sessions depending on the request
4. Summarizing the results and creating a plan for further steps

Individual coaching aimed at career and professional development
We provide support
for up to 3 months from the final session
О нас
1. Matching the candidate profile and allocating the key search criteria
2. Searching for and establishing primary contact with 50 to 150 potential candidates for 1 position
3. Negotiating position details with 30% of candidates, who are willing to consider the position
4. Interviewing 5 to 15 candidates
5. Sending 3 to 10 candidates for the client to review
6. Organizing client's interviews for the candidates
7. Providing support with the offer preparation and other internal selection processes
8. Keeping in touch with a candidate after the hiring and getting feedback from the client