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We search for the best talent in your industry worldwide and can find the right-fit expert anywhere – in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and even the Antarctic. As well as permanent employees, we can help with finding consultants for temporary projects depending on your business requirements.

We look for specialists all over the world to find the best candidate for your vacancy. It may be that the person you need now lives and works in another country or even on another continent, but in today’s world this should not be an obstacle to the best professionals finding the best employers and vice versa.

Creation or revision of Training & Development plans, Succession Planning, Virtual Reality training development, Performance Coaching for front-line leaders

Training fosters growth, opens up new horizons, and allows the opportunity to look at a situation from a different perspective. Moreover, training encourages strength and confidence in professionalism and leads to greater happiness and satisfaction. Together with individual departments within your company, we will draw up a training ‘map’ for employees with various specialisations and qualifications. This will enable you to manage your training opportunities and help the professional development of your employees in order to increase your productivity and profitability.

Intercultural Business Communication Training

We are happy to offer a variety of workshops and consultations targeted at bridging the gaps between professionals from different cultural backgrounds.

If you are hiring a professional from a different location or are about to move personnel to another country to join an intercultural team, we are happy to provide onboarding and integration training or bespoke programs to help you and your team.

Talent Mapping of candidates for critical roles to build a pool of “ready candidates”

With a ready pool of potential candidates in place, your company will always be prepared when you need to expand your staff or replace a specialist who has left for whatever reason. Together with your specialists, we will prepare a profile for each ‘critical’ role in the company and select a pool of candidates and conduct preliminary interviews with them to make sure they meet your company’s requirements. This service may also be of interest to companies that are entering new markets and want to assess the quality and value of staff for key positions in the region.

Diverse psychometric assessment of candidates

Aside from assessing compatibility with the basic criteria for a vacancy, we are able to compare candidates and their soft skills through international psychometric tests – these will show levels of stress tolerance, teamwork, adaptability and other qualities that are important to you in a future employee.

Recruitment of short-term consultants

When your business needs require a short-term consultant rather than a permanent employee, or when you are entering a new market but are not yet sure if you are ready to build your business there, we can help you find consultants who are the best experts in their field to help your company gain market insights, work through a particular line of business or accompany your company’s entry into the region.

Video CV’s service for remote locations

We have partnered with a leading video CV services provider. If you are looking for a candidate in another country to work in the local market, we will arrange a video interview with the candidate, help develop questions and test assignments for the candidate to complete as part of the interview process and give you the opportunity to choose the best candidate.

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